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Dialogue Foundation unveils its new visual identity

image logo Fondation dialogue

Ottawa, October 6, 2022 — Following reflections and consultations, the Dialogue Foundation is more than proud to present its new visual identity, through the redesign of the website and the unveiling of a new logo. 


As a symbol of openness, dialogue, unity and outreach, the new logo and website embody our values and our mission to engage collaboratively in a sustainable dialogue within the Francophonie and with all of Canada’s diversity.  


As Executive Director Ajà Besler states:

“As part of our new strategic planning, one of our priorities was visibility, promoting the Dialogue Foundation as an organization but also our projects which are already spreading from coast to coast. It was then important to have an identity that reflects the current picture of the organization, as well as a modern and dynamic website to highlight this new chapter of the Dialogue Foundation.” 

This new visual identity marks the beginning of a new era in the Dialogue Foundation’s journey towards an open and inclusive dialogue with Canada’s francophone diversity. 


Description of the logo 

  • The name is presented in a font specifically designed to reflect the values of the organization. 
  • The “o” and “g” link creates an infinite cycle where conversations and exchanges of ideas flow continuously and come together in harmony. The letters are linked as the strong bond that unites francophones from one end of the country to the other. 
  • The “a” represents a speech bubble that is the linguistic expression in the heart of the dialogue.  
  • The purple bubble also stands out from the word to represent the influence of the Canadian Francophonie and its diversity. 



Founded in 2004, the Dialogue Foundation aim for: 

  • Coordinating collaborative, pan-Canadian projects that celebrate the Francophonie in all its diversity; 
  • Organizing outreach activities to increase awareness and social inclusion in communities;   
  • Implementing and supporting research projects on open dialogue and the rapprochement of the Francophonie with other components of Canadian society; and   
  • deploying innovative approaches to foster collaboration between organizations, institutions and government agencies. 



For more information : 

Dialogue Fondation 

Ndeye Khady Ngom,
Communications Officer
(613) 241-6055 Ext 5 

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