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Why donate
to the Dialogue Foundation

As a charity, we strongly believe in the values of collaboration, dialogue, connection and diversity.

Through your generous donations,

we act together to promote and support dialogue between communities through the development of:

  • research on equity, bringing Francophone communities closer to indigenous communities, linguistic plurality, and anti-racism;
  • Creation of tools to facilitate rapprochement and dialogue between communities;
  • Hands-on training on diverse and inclusive approaches that foster dialogue and connection between communities.

We value your safety.

That is why the Dialogue Foundation has chosen to work with CanadaHelps to ensure that donations are managed safely and that our donors receive their tax receipts as quickly as possible

Since 2000, CanadaHelps has facilitated more than $2 billion in donations to charities.

To learn more about the Dialogue Foundation,

visit the Foundation page!