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Our mission

In a spirit of collaboration, to engage in a sustainable dialogue within the Francophonie and with all of Canada’s diversity.  

Our vision

A valued and vibrant Francophonie in an inclusive Canada.  

Our goals

The Dialogue Foundation engages in a sustainable dialogue within the Francophonie and with all of Canada’s diversity by: 

  • Coordinating collaborative, pan-Canadian projects that celebrate the Francophonie in all its diversity;   
  • Organizing outreach activities to increase understanding and social inclusion in communities;   
  • Implementing and supporting research projects on open dialogue and the rapprochement of the Francophonie with other components of Canadian society; and   
  • Employing innovative approaches to foster collaboration between organizations, institutions and government agencies.  
L'échange et le dialogue entre individus Illustration

Strategic directions and key objectives

To achieve its goals, the Dialogue Foundation will focus on these five three-year strategic areas:


 Funding stability and diversification 

  • Ensure the financial stability of the organization through core operating and multi-year funding. 
  • Diversify the Dialogue Foundation’s revenue sources.    


Visibility and recognition 

  • Develop a new brand image.  
  • Develop a strategic communications plan.   
  • Ensure an active and visible presence of the Dialogue Foundation on the national level. 


Programming focused on open dialogue

  • Strengthen ties and break down barriers between Francophones and different communities in Canada.  
  • Increase understanding and openness in communities through dialogue.


Capacity Building 

  • Provide opportunities for Board members to build their capacity in governance and representation.   
  • Develop expertise in facilitation and dialogue.   


Collaborations and committed strategic partnerships 

  • Strengthen and expand collaborations in each province. 
  • Position the Dialogue Foundation as a major player in the Canadian associations’ ecosystem.  

EDI Statement 

|   Equity, Diversity and Inclusion   |

The importance of developing an EDI statement for the Dialogue Foundation is based on the desire to take respectful and concrete action both within the organization and with our national partners. As we work in the field of cultural dialogue, we seek to strengthen our social ties through projects that would elevate our ways of acting with the presence of plural voices.    


 The Canadian Francophonie is not a single voice: it is plural and dynamic, with diverse cultures within it. In fact, the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion would allow us to revisit our organization’s relationship to the diversified Francophone voices in Canada, beyond the projects we have undertaken with the Canadian Francophonie.    


Putting these principles into practice also helps us explore new social links with Francophile, non-Indigenous and Indigenous communities to establish an inclusive dialogue that would deepen our reflections on the broader identification of the Canadian Francophonie and its role in the pursuit of inclusive dialogue.   


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are not just values. They are principles that guide us to better understand the issues of dialogue within Canada. This understanding allows us to build bridges between cultural organizations or institutions and more distant audiences, through projects tailored to and with them. Thus, the Dialogue Foundation recognizes that these principles are not taken for granted. They should all be integrated into our projects, programs, reports, and development strategies.