A celebration of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

Tout Pour La Musique (TPLM) is a celebration of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in Canada’s Francophone community. Produced by Productions Rivard and broadcast by Unis TV, this filmed show invites all Canadians to unite and show their pride and solidarity with the Francophonie.    

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2023 TPLM

The program will be unveiled shortly.

2022 TPLM


Wilfred LeBouthillier and Missy D,    

Live artists: Corneille, Wilfred LeBouthillier, Martha Wainwright, Missy D., Dans’l’shed, Matiu, Danny Boudreau, Paul Cornoyer, LGS, Maggie Savoie.   

Remote artists: Sophie Villeneuve, Arthur Comeau, Alpha Toshineza, Le R Premier.    

 Listen to the artists of 2022 on our playlist Spotify.  

2021 TPLM


Jean-François Breau   


Ludovick Bourgeois, Roxane Bruneau, Sympa César, Lorène Charmetant, Marie-Clo, Alpha Yaya Diallo, Luce Dufault, Joseph Edgar, ÉÉMI, Nathasha Kanapé Fontaine, Anique Granger, Antoine Gratton, Charles et Monique, Laura Niquay, Radio Radio, Vincent Vallières, Willows, Yao.   

Watch the 2021 show on UnisTV ! 

2020 TPLM

Artists on stage:

Wesli, Caroline Savoie, Mehdi Cayenne, Florent Vollant, Geneviève Toupin (Chances), Michelle Campagne, Mélissa Ouimet, Damien Robitaille, Chloé Lacasse, Michel Rivard, Isabelle Boulay, Luc de Larochellière and Andréa Lindsay, Tire Le Coyote      

Artists for the Youtube capsules:

Jill Barber, Pascale Goodrich-Black, Loïg Morin, Sophie Villeneuve, Karimah, Post Script, Cristian de La Luna, Yao, Yves Lécuyer, Etienne Fletcher, Annette Campagne, Kelly Bado, Jocelyne Baribeau, Patricia Cano, Moonfruits, Mamselle Ruiz, Benjino, Dumas, Lisa Leblanc, Danny Boudreau, Sirène et Matelot, Jacques Surette, Mary Barry, Steph Paquette. 

Check out the 2020 YouTube clip !

2019 TPLM

Artists 2019 :    

Corneille, David Marin, Les hôtesses d’Hilaire, Jérémie and the Delicious Hounds, Andrina Turenne, Caroline Savoie, Etienne Fletcher, Rayannah, Koriass, Les Hay Babies, Jacobus. 

Call to communities

Are you a non-profit organization based in Canada? Be one of 23 communities to receive $500 to host the 2023 Tout pour la musique show projection!

Tout Pour La Musique is a show featuring a dozen francophone artists from across Canada. The event showcases emerging artists as well as well-known personalities from cultural diversity and Aboriginal peoples. 


To allow various communities to be part of the Saint Jean Baptiste celebrations, while also uniting Canadians to show their pride and solidarity with the Francophonie. 

Value: $500 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a non-profit or charitable organization that offers activities in French or bilingual 
  • Have a head office in Canada   
  • Be able to hold the screening on Saturday, June 24, 2023   
  • Promote the Canadian Francophonie  
  • Complete the microgrant application form  

Selection Criteria

  • Geographic Representation   
  • Size and diversity of target audience  
  • Creativity of the approach 

The microgrant application form must be submitted no later than April 24, 2023 at 11:59 PM (Eastern Time)

Obligations for the subsidized organizations

  • Ensure the visibility of the All for Music show   
  • Submit a short report including the number of participants, the impact of the activity and at least one photo 

The Dialogue Foundation will contact selected organizations in early May 2023.  

If you have any questions about the application, please contact Ndeye Khady Ngom, Communications Officer, at 

This initiative is made possible through the financial support of Canadian Heritage.